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Root canal treatment (endodontic treatment) is a treatment method for teeth where decay has spread to the pulp located in the very middle of the teeth and which contains blood vessels and nerve endings.

How Is Root Canal Treatment Performed?

Root canal treatment is performed under local anaesthetic meaning that no pain or discomfort is caused during the procedure where the tooth’s pulp is removed and the inner tooth is then shaped, cleaned, dried and the root disinfected. Following this, the cavitity is filled or a porcelain crown is fitted. A root canal is normally completed in a single session. There is the possibility of some pain being felt the local anaesthetic wears off after the procedure.

The procedure itself lasts between 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the condition of the roots. However, there are some exceptions where more than 1 session may be required, especially if the tooth is abscessed or infected, in which case treatment is usually postponed until the infection is treated. In some cases, surgery may be needed as well.

As root canal treatment removes the treated teeth’s nerves they become more brittle. Patients should pay them extra care and not eat hard foods otherwise they may suffer cracking or breaking, etc. It would also be very incorrect to think that teeth that have undergone a root canal cannot decay. The opposite is true if oral care and hygiene are not maintained.

Root canal treatment is not only a treatment for teeth with large cavities but also for teeth that have infected roots, have become abscessed or have chronic or acute infections. Treated teeth are still at risk of reinfection, meaning the patient has to be extremely careful and go to regular check-ups.


WARNING: Everyone is unique. This means that the treatment length, planning and results may be different for yourself. The information you see here are is the resulting average from a large range of samples. You can contact us for more detailed information via 0549 791 99 01

Number of Sessions/Operations 2-3
Operation Length 1 hour
Anaesthetic Local anaesthetic
Discomfort Period 0-1 days
Return to work Immediate
Full Recovery 2 weeks
Permanence of Results 7-10 years
Length of Hospital Stay
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