Chairman’s Message

It would not be incorrect to say the health sector has reached a different place and level after developments in the modern period. We see that it has a more effective set-up and is constantly growing.

Turkey has become the region’s, and the world’s, rising star thanks to its geographical location, social structure, focus on entrepreneurism and its developing economy. Therefore, the health sector has to lift the level of global norms.

Ethica Health Group knows the difficulties and responsibilities of the sector is operates in. We know the importance of health. In line with this, we contribute to the strengthening of the sector with the work we do. As per our management philosophy, we save the sector from a commercial and competitive footing and create targets that compete with themselves. We constantly evaluate and appraise our systems and procedures as well as giving importance and priority to or efforts to develop and improve. We never compromise honesty and affordability as we combine health and quality.

Health is a serious responsibility. Taking strength and inspiration from its name, the aims of Ethica Health Group are being respectful towards people’s health, providing the correct diagnoses and treatments with our specialist doctors and bringing health to our patients while never forgetting theabsolutely necessary medical ethics.

We always strive to develop ourselves in order to meet this serious responsibility. We work to contribute to the health system’s large and varied structure while following its current situation. We are aware of the necessity of not compromising these values as we journey towards our goals.

We view all of these requirements as a moral duty and we will continue to remember we are in an important sector and to provide treatments to our patients with commitment and devotion.

Wishing you great health,

Dr. Murat Akdoğan

Ethica Health Group Chairman of the Board

Health Tourism

Today, people look not only within their own countries but also others for the best treatments, latest technologies, the best doctors or the most advantageous prices while seeking solutions for their health problems.

In light of this, health tourism is the name given to intercity or international journeys with the aims of both treatment and holidaying. Health tourism in Turkey has become an increasingly bright star over the past few years. Serious investments are being made globally and, likewise, in Turkey. Thanks to investments, incentives and support given by Turkey’s Minstry of Health, the main aim has become to enlarge Turkey’s slice of the pie which has a very high potential. Ethica Health Group has increased the pace of its work and efforts to offer its patients high quality health services at affordable prices in order to increase both its and Turkey’s share of the pie.

Ethica Health Group offers its services in 8 langauges: English, German, Arabic, Russian, French, Swedish and Flemish. With our website, prepared in these 8 languages as well as our expert medical and administrative teams, we continue to work to offer our patients the maximum level of service. Our goal is to attract more foreign patients to Turkey by deploying the latest in medical technology so as to make Turkey an attractive centre in the medical world.

We aim to make our patients feel at home in our medical centres and hospitals with our patient rooms designed to the latest trends where they are hosted in hotel-level comfort and with our cheerful personnel.

We make use of the latest technological equipment and work with specialist doctors in our medical centres and hospitals’ clinics thus earning our international patients’ trust.

In additional to all of these advantages, we act in accordance to a service understanding that takes into account our patients’ satisfaction via accommodation, VIP transfers and city tours, amongst others.

Ethica Health Group has the immense pleasure of its patents happily returning to their countries.

International Health Services

  • Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery
  • Hair Transplantaion and Health
  • Oral and Dental Health
  • Eye Diseases
  • Dermatology and Medical Aesthetics
  • Gynaeological Diseases and Birth
  • Orthopedy and Traumatology
  • Ear, Nose and Throat
  • General Surgery
  • Check-up Centre
  • Non-Invasive Varicose Vein Treatment
  • Neurology
  • Internal Medicine
  • Cardiology
  • Urology
  • Physical Treatment and Rehabilitation
  • Acupuncture and Neauraltherapy
  • Healthy Living and Eating

Murat Akdoğan Educational, Health, Culture and Social Cooperation Foundation

The Murat Akdoğan Educational, Health, Culture and Social Cooperation Foundation was established in 2010 as part of a corporate responsibility project by Ethica Health Group Chairman of the Board Dr. Murat Akdoğan.

The aim of the Foundation is to found a university where children, who are wards of the government and the responsibility of the Social Services Organisation until their 18th year of age but afterwards don’t receive adequate support, can receive higher education with 100% scholarships. At the same time, the university’s aim will be to contribute to the development of people of character and leadership potential and prepare them for working life to benefit our country and humanity while providing for all of their living needs while they study at the university.

The Foundation’s first project, the ‘BEAUTIFUL PROJECT’ provided occupational training for young girls aged between 15-20 in aesthetics, hand-foot care and patient relations.

Project aims:

-Ensuring young girls have a career in up and coming lines of work at the end of the training programme.

-Increasing their quality of life by ensuring they join the labour force and are thus employed.

All Ethica Health Group profits are transferred to the The Murat Akdoğan Educational, Health, Culture and Social Cooperation Foundation to achieve this.

Corporate Identity and Logo

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